Why should I choose Hestia?

Beyond offering high-quality care, services and facilities, we at Hestia Care try to be wholly resident-focused in our approach to care and are flexible in our delivery of service to each resident’s unique needs and wishes.

Also, we try to avoid the institutional stereotype that can characterize some homes and focus on ensuring the resident feels as comfortable as possible – it is their home after all!

Finally, we believe that we are facilitating a community and encourage all stakeholders including resident families to participate in providing the residents with a positive, stable and caring environment.

What type of care do you offer?

We provide nursing, residential, respite, palliative and dementia care in all of our homes. See care types for more details.

What is continuing-care?

NHS continuing healthcare is free care outside of hospital that is arranged and funded by the NHS. It is only available for people who need ongoing healthcare and meet the eligibility criteria – to be eligible, the person you look after must be assessed as having a “primary health need” and have a complex medical condition and substantial and ongoing care needs. To find out more, visit www.nhs.co.uk.

NHS continuing healthcare can be provided in any setting, including a care home, hospice or the home of the person you look after. If someone in a care home gets NHS continuing healthcare, it will cover their care home fees, including the cost of accommodation, personal care and healthcare costs.

What is your typical rate of a room at your nursing home?

Our fees vary for each resident, with factors such as room, level of care required and length of stay contributing to it’s calculation. In all cases, fees include a single or double room, full board and 24 hour nursing care.

Do I have to pay for my care (fees explained)?

In most cases, residents are likely to have to make some contribution to their fees.

If the resident has less than £23,250, the relevant Social Services department will do an assessment of their care needs and financial situation. Within this assessment, the department will ensure that the resident is claiming all benefits that they are entitled to and make allowances for personal expenses. From this assessment, they will evaluate how much you can contribute.

If there is a difference between the gross funded rate and the actual room rate, this can be funded by a third-party.

What if I need to sell my house first before I can afford the fees?

Social services may offer the resident a 12-week ‘loan’ for a portion of your fees, if they are waiting to sell their home before they move into the care home. This is called a ‘property disregard’.

How will you help my relative settle in?

Every effort is made to provide comfort to residents from the moment they begin their stay at the home, as we recognize that moving into a care home can be quite disorientating for residents and emotional for families. We encourage residents to bring home furnishings and personalize their room. As soon as a resident moves in, staff make an effort to become acquainted with the resident and their family and work to ensure that the resident has everything they need to be at ease with their new surroundings.

How often can I visit my relative?

You can visit your relative whenever you want and as much as you want. At Hestia, we encourage family and friends to become fully integrated into life at our homes, as we aim to deliver the best possible lifestyle for each of our residents. For example everyone is invited to the many events and activites we arrange for our residents.

Is it 24-hour care?

We have qualified nursing staff in attendance 24 hours of the day; therefore there is someone there to meet the needs of our residents at all times.

Are there emergency call buttons in each room?

Yes, there are modern safety features fitted in each room, including a 24 hour nurse call system, thermostatic controls and smoke detectors.

Are there en-suite facilities?

The majority of the bedrooms we have are en-suite. Please enquire with the home for more information.

Do you cater for couples?

We do cater for couples and have some shared rooms specifically for these people. We are flexible in this respect and are happy to look at available options to make couples feel as comfortable as possible.

Do you provide access to telephones and satellite television?

The homes have telephone systems in place that allow for residents to have a designated phone line in their room. Residents are expected to contribute to the service charge and the cost associated with their phone number. Please ask the manager for more information.

There is no communal satellite from which a resident can subscribe to satellite television. However, we are happy to consider requests to install satellite for a resident, as long as there is no lasting damage to the building.

Do your homes provide the latest equipment?

We ensure that we have well-maintained high-quality equipment on-site at all times.

Do staff receive regular training and are there always qualified nursing staff on hand?

Staff receive regular training and there is always qualified staff on site. You can find out more information about our staff in our careers section.

What is the quality of the food like and is there a set menu?

As part of our service, we provide 3 meals a day for all residents, which are all prepared on-site. Alternatives are offered as we are aware that not everyone will always want the same thing.

At Hestia Care, we recognize the importance of meal times as part of a resident’s lifestyle and nutrition as part of any care package. Therefore, we make a specific effort to incorporate personal preferences and special dietary requirements into each meal.

Sample menus can be found on the home-specific areas of this website.

Are there activities every day and what type of activities?

At Hestia Care, we feel activities are extremely beneficial to our residents, both physically and psychologically. It has obvious social benefits in terms of engaging with others and feeling a sense of companionship. Also through exercising physical and cognitive skills, residents can give themselves the best chance of staying independent for longer.

Is there a laundry service?

There is an on-site laundry service for a resident’s personal affects and a resident’s laundry needs are accounted for when they move into the care home.

Are you allowed to smoke?

Smoking is forbidden within the home and discouraged on site.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are discouraged but please enquire with the home manager as we are open to specific requests. Obviously, we have to take into account health and safety standards and have regard for our other residents in any decision.

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